In partnership with a national chemical cleaning supply manufacturer, MMA has developed a line of certified green cleaning products. They have the ability to use all green products for those clients that have made a pledge to their tenants to provide non-toxic environments with no VOC’s or butyl. Their Green Clean line is CFC and HCFC free. MMA Clean also rinses every job so your carpets are residue-free leaving them healthier and staying cleaner longer.

The green cleaning and treatment products will restore your carpets the safe and healthy way.
  • Clean Right Pre-Spray
  • UPS Urine Pre-treat
  • Emzyme Deodorant 4:1
  • Odorless Acid Rinse

Cleaner and Degreaser witOur Cleaner and Degreaser has  a wide range of applications such as walls, concrete floors, upholstery, vinyl tops, painted surfaces, counter tops, and fiberglass..

MMA is dedicated to developing and pursuing healthy and environmentally safe products in their cleaning processes. All our Green Clean products are formulated to meet the CRI Seal of Approval, Green Seal GS37, and other independent certifications. Additional Green Product solutions are currently under development.