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Our work is guaranteed for 30 days after our completion of the job. 

We ensure 100% satisfaction for every job completed, and we are fully bonded & insured. So rest assured, when our technicians are in your home or office building, we will not only do a great job with the best results, but we will treat your space with care.

Our Certifications Include

MMA Professionals

The MMA Cleaning Restoration team is trained and fully insured with over 30 years in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. We also have systems in place that monitor our technicians performance ensuring that you have the best possible service and results.   

MMA Green Clean:

The health of both the environment and the homes and offices we clean is a top priority! Our processes use green cleaning agents coupled with a 2-step rinsing process. This leaves your carpet residue free which results in it staying cleaner longer. These products are available to any home, business, or multi-family property that has a commitment to a non-toxic environment. The Green Clean products contain no VOCs or butyl and are CFC and HCFC free. These products are formulated to meet the CRI Seal of Approval, Green Seal GS37, and other independent certifications. We have over a dozen Green Clean products including these that are used on each job: 

  • Clean Right Pre-Spray 
  • UPS Urine Pre-treat 
  • Enzyme Deodorant 4:1 
  • Odorless Acid Rinse 

MMA Research & Development

Over the course of three decades in carpet cleaning and restoration, we have improved and patented chemicals and processes. We have developed a line of certified Green Clean products in partnership with a national cleaning supply company.  

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MMA Carpet Cleaning Restoration Van

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